For many of us, religious belief is something long abandoned in favor of rational thought and personal responsibility.  In daily life, that seems to work just fine.  The world is just as rich and beautiful, full of discovery and brilliance – but as human beings, we are drawn to ritual and tradition, and for many of us, that tradition is grounded in religious faith.

So how do you represent who you have become, while celebrating the most important moments of your life?

I believe in the amazing potential of human beings.  I believe this world is all there is, and that all the wonders of this world are more than enough.  I believe it is possible to invoke art, literature, music, good food and drink, and the human bonds we have forged with those we care for, to celebrate life’s milestones.  All of the majesty, kinship and significance exist without the need for divisive and exclusionary rhetoric or inflexible dogma.

I’d like to help you plan a ceremony to remember . . .