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American Atheists circulated a letter today, calling for careful examination of the way we communicate – particularly online.  I’m aware that, in my frustration with elements of religion that I see as destructive and oppressive, I can be sardonic, reductive and sometimes even smug.  I try to remember that one of the things I find most objectionable about religion is the inflexible dogma and sense of unquestioned righteousness that some believers display.

I’m trying to be open and understanding – even of those who continue to spew hate and ignorance – and especially with those who simply think differently than I do (incomprehensible though it may be).

The full text of the letter can be found here.  It’s an important read.







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  1. Thomas Rooney OFS

    Did I miss the link?

    • Whoops. sorry! Never inserted a link before. I’ll see if i can figure it out. Thanks for the heads-up. Happy reading!

  2. Thomas Rooney OFS


    Brava. I think any online community could benefit from the use of the steps listed in AA. Dialogue, communication and respect are crucial, whether we hold to a particular faith or not, whether we agree with each other (even on fundamental issues) or not.

    Thank you for posting this my friend!

    Pax et Bonum,

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