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“Off-beat Bride” How do you have a wedding ceremony without the bible?

“Off-beat Bride” Awesome Wedding Readings for Bad-Ass Couples

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Opening statement from the Prop 8 trial in California, Ted Olson (a moving choice for same-gender weddings)

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5 steps to overcoming your wedding vow writers block

Wedding Ceremony referencing Zombies (no kidding!)

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Sample Baby-Naming Ceremony from the Ethical Society of St. Louis

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(I think these ideas are great for teen coming-of-age ceremonies as well)

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“Just a Book” 3rd Place winner in Project Reason’s 2010 Video Contest

Prop 8: The Musical

Sam Harris’ afterword from Letters to a Christian Nation


Penn Jillette’s essay for And This I Believe… on NPR, “I Believe There Is No God”

Open Letter to the Kansas School Board from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Julia Sweeney’s TEDtalk Letting Go of God